There’s Nothing Comic About Dyslexia. A campaign for Dyslexia Scotland featuring the much hated Comic Sans as it’s only type and illustration device. Yet this infamous font can actually help people with Dyslexia read better. An open encouragement to type designers to rethink their approach to typography and improving legibility for people with Dyslexia. 

Inconstant Regular is a free Dyslexia friendly font created as part of this campaign. 
Brokstad Studio
Design & Creative Direction: Daniel Brokstad
Junior Design: Nika Belskaia

CCO: Gabriel Mattar / ECD: Ricardo Wolf / Head of Art: Maso Heck / ACD: Anna Berlin, Marcelo Pignatar / ACD Digital: Andrés Andrade / Senior Designer: Julia Sachs / Senior Copywriter: Noha Fahm / Designers: Elise Chastel, Paula Santos / Senior Creative Strategist: Odile Breff / Business Director: Mark Preston / Producer: Valeria Preisler-Voge / PR Consultant: Ellie Botwood / Media Partners: Havas Media / Music Production: DaHouse / Photographer Stills: Ragnar Schmuck

Daniel Brokstad @2024
New York City + The World